Episode 004: How To Blur The Lines Between Personal and Professional: Gossiping, Pricing, and the Kardashians


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What We Talked About:

  • How the lines between personal and professional get blurred
  • Why this is a good (and maybe even optimal!) thing for your business
  • Never talk poorly about anyone to anyone ever. End of story, k great, good work.
  • Why it pays to be a more professional person over all
  • What “professional” even means and why it’s not bad for friendships
  • How to price for friends, why not to discount for friends and what to do instead (this is a big deal)
  • How to show respect for your friends who own businesses (read: don’t expect discounts)
  • Having a sale may discount how people feel about your service or product (that would suck)
  • How the Kardashians teach us dos & don'ts of personal and professionalism (OK so we talk a lot about the Kardashians. Valuable lessons.)
  • In sticky situations, determine your relationship priority: personal or professionalism?

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