Episode 002: How To Build Your Online Presence aka How To Have Fun aka How To Be Legit


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What We Talked About:

  • How getting online completes your business
  • The world is your audience!                       
  • How your online presence can be an extension of yourself & your business
  • Why you need to share your work (for the sake of others, you're so selfless!)
  • Where our business would be without online presences (spoiler: non existent or totally lame)
  • How your online presence can strengthen local ties and the social aspect of your biz & life.
  • Benefits of Squarespace
  • Why you shouldn't blog or vlog if you totally hate it
  • Using social media to funnel people to your website
  • iPhone 6 camera is the bomb
  • Why we love Instagram & Snapchat & tips for both!
  • Finding community & absorbing content on Periscope

Links/People We Mention:

We want to know how your online presences have legitimized or fun-nized your business! Let us know! #spacetoface 

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