Episode 000: Our Into, Our Manifesto, History In The Making, The Making Of A Legend

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What we talked about:

  • How this podcast got started
  • Basic chemistry (2+2=5!)
  • Spacer: Pro at online business
  • Facer: Pro at local business
  • Crossover: Passionate about BOTH!
  • Why we actually go to coffee shops (Instagram)
  • The ebb & flow of the "perfect balance"

The upcoming season of Space To Face you can expect to:

1.       Be encouraged to be local. Get face to face. Make some friends.
2.     Be encouraged to find community in the greater world wide web.
3.     Find the balance in both- and forgive yourself when one takes precedence.
4.     Get to know us and grow with us as we share our mistakes, our triumphs, and build a community together.
5.     Laugh a lot, randomly and compulsively crave coffee, be compelled to get ready in the morning,  and overall feel better as a human being. Guaranteed ;)

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